Hermitage Sykaminea

Lesbos, Aegean Sea, Greece

A hermitage is a place of contemplation, of contemplative reflection. And so the name of the accommodation also reflects the original idea of architect and founder Andreas Sell. Because the "Hermitage Sykaminea" should be a place of conscious retreat. You can still withdraw here, but the focus has shifted more to a communal nature experience with creative exchange. A series of seminars, workshops and collaborations with and for artists, craftsmen, designers and architects take place here in spring and autumn.

With a view of the sea and the Turkish coast, there are many opportunities to get active and learn new things in this place. The houses are furnished in a minimalist style and offer essential comfort. Exciting perspectives and perspectives ensure brightness and lightness. Designed with lots of wood, the buildings adapt to nature and almost merge with it. The ensemble consists of three buildings, a pergola as a community space and an open-air kitchen with an open lounge. There is a shared stone bath house, which has running water, as does the shared kitchen. Another bathroom is under the pergola. For a warm shower, the water must first be heated, which works with a solar system. The appreciation of all resources such as water, electricity, wool, wood and clay is the focus here.

There is space for up to eight guests who want to spend their vacation as close to nature as possible. A footpath leads down to the village of Sykaminea with its traditional stone houses and narrow streets, a small harbour, some restaurants and a beach on the outskirts.

Rooms + Rates

per night
entire housefrom280 €


ArchitectureThe houses are predominantly built of wood. This minimised the CO2-intensive cement consumption. The buildings fit into the terraced structure of the olive grove. The agricultural warehouses of the island farmers served as a model. Most of the work was done by the farmers themselves. People from the region were used for the foundation work. The timber work was done by timber house builders from Bavaria, as timber house building is not common on Lesvos nowadays. The ecological construction method has caused quite a stir.

The Hermitage Sykaminea has given the go-ahead for the project "Lesbos Wool". "Lesbos Wool" processes sheep's wool and reintroduces the resource to the island's population. By giving wool a value again, the tradition of wool production is to be revived. In some cases, wool is even bought from Australia, although there are over a million sheep on the island.

EnvironmentThe electricity comes from two photovoltaic systems. And the water is separated into grey and black water and reused accordingly. Therefore, only organic cleaning agents are used in the house so that the waste water can be used to irrigate the garden. For the humus layer in the gardens, dung was collected from wild horses living in the mountains.


  • Living close to nature in an olive grove with sea views from the highest mountain on the island
  • Own ceramic production
  • Numerous sights such as monasteries and museums in the area
  • Beautiful circular hiking trails
  • Ideal for seminars, workshops and other creative projects
  • The Hermitage can only be booked as an ensemble

holiday home complex8 sleeping placesOwn cooking facilitiesno childrenWi-Fino disabled accessno Poolno pets


  • Holiday home with 8 sleeping places
  • You can also camp on the site
  • Pergola as a community place
  • Open air kitchen with open lounge
  • Separate bathhouse
  • Minimum stay is one week
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Rooms + Rates

per night
entire housefrom280 €

Location + Directions

By car

There is a bus service to Skala Sykamineas, but it is advisable to have your own vehicle to explore the island. From the capital Mytilene, where the ferries from the mainland also arrive, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach the Hermitage Sykaminea (58 km). The exact address can be found on the website.