Flight compensation

Good Travel is not a tour operator, but we are aware that every holiday also has a journey. We encourage everyone to travel by train or bus in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Even if this may take a little longer, the journey becomes part of the holiday - a little adventure of its own.

But of course this is not always possible, sometimes you have to rely on the airplane as a means of transport. In order to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, there is the possibility of compensation through our partner atmosfair.

Depending on the size of the flight and the CO2 emitted, you pay a certain amount in addition to the actual flight with which atmosfair supports climate protection projects in the global South. There, for example, CO2 can be saved with the help of renewable energies and more efficient stoves; the harmful flight is ecologically compensated - and that with just a few clicks in the compensation calculator: