Green Haven

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

There are no bathrooms in the rooms at Green Haven. For shared use there is a bathroom with toilet, an extra toilet and a shower with sink.

All prices are per room / apartment per night .

The prices vary depending on the number of people, week / weekend / holiday and length of stay.

At the weekend there is a minimum stay of 2 nights. A minimum stay of 3 nights generally applies to the apartment upper deck.

from40 € / night


The"Jolle" construction trailer is an unusual accommodation option. There is space for one or two guests on a cozy 6 m². A 1.4 m wide bed and a small seating area are available. Please note: The construction trailer is in the back yard. Behind the fence is a locksmith's shop that sometimes starts working at 7 a.m. during the week, but is usually quiet at the weekend, shared bathroom, and the trailer is only available from May to September.

max. 2 Peopledouble bed
from45 € / night


The cozy "bunk" with its eight square meters is quite clear and ideal if the guest is actually only there to sleep. In addition to the single bed, there is a sailor's box on which you can store or store suitcases and belongings. On request and when the "cabin" and suite "Captain's Stateroom" are fully booked, you can sleep in the bunk with an extra mattress for two. Shared bathroom.

max. 1 Personsingle bed
from55 € / night


The "cabin" is ideal for couples as it has a 1.60 m wide bed. Of course, you can also sleep well here alone! A built-in wall wardrobe and a small seat complete the cabin.

max. 2 Peopledouble bed
from73 € / night

Captain's Suite

The Captain's Suite has two rooms of eleven square meters each: a bedroom for two people (pallet bed with 2x0.9m mattress) and a living room with a daybed for a third person (90 cm), which is used as a sofa if there are only two of you is. shared bathroom

max. 3 Peopledouble bed
from80 € / night

upper deck

The bright 30m2 1-room apartment on the "upper deck" (1st floor) is suitable for up to three people. There is a bunk bed with a 1.4 m wide lying area below and a 0.90 m wide lying area above. Here you will find a well-equipped kitchen in a niche in the room with four hot plates, oven, large fridge, coffee machine, and a bathroom with shower, sitting and dining area, armchair, built-in wardrobe.

max. 3 People(Double) bunk
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