Quinta Rural

Cabeceiras de Basto, Norte, Portugal

The special thing about the Quinta Rural is the beautiful view, for which the accommodations on the slope have been aligned. The entire Tamega Valley in northern Portugal can be overlooked at an altitude of 865 meters - from the mountains, nature parks to the illuminated valley at night. The Quinta Rural is an eco-glamping, consisting of different types of accommodation: there are three lodges built into the hill, an ecological hut, and six larger, furnished tents.

When you wake up, the Quinta Rural conveys a special nature experience, because guests feel like they are waking up above the clouds. In addition to the beautiful nature, donkeys and grazing horses can be observed. There are many small villages in the area, including abandoned granite villages, farms, small goat paths, gorges, water mills and waterfalls that can be explored. Sometimes wolves can be spotted. Sporty guests can cover demanding hiking routes or pursue other activities such as canoeing or rafting. Our herd protection dogs are happy to accompany you on the hikes. Of course, the ecological pool in the Quinta Rural can also be enjoyed.

The Quinta Rural itself is a place of rest; no noise from cars, airplanes or any neighbours can be heard. The accommodation invites you to experience nature and spend time with yourself and the animals. In this way, guests can return to their everyday life full of strength. Dutch hosts Natascha and Timo took over the property in 2012 and started renovating it. In the meantime, the unusual holiday park, as they call it, extends to almost 5 hectares of land with several camping areas and glamping accommodations. Every year something new is built, whether as accommodation or in the complex through trees and plants.

Rooms + Rates

per night
Yurtfrom45 €
Cottagefrom70 €


ArchitectureThe main building dates from 1673 and is made of old granite stone. The mountain houses were designed in such a way that they fit into the landscape and allow a wonderful view through generous windows. Good insulation was also taken into account. A lot of wood was used in the construction of the accommodations. The lodges and tents are rustic, local and above all cozy. There is also a large veranda at each lodge. The ecological accommodation consists exclusively of regional materials such as straw, lime and wood. The furniture is also all self-made.

FoodAll year round, breakfast is served to guests in a basket. It contains all sorts of delicacies from the region: jams, organic honey, herbal tea, fruits, eggs, bread as well as cheese and presunto (ham). In summer, cooking is also held a few evenings a week. The food is served at a large table and invites you to have extensive conversations, of course also about the food. The hosts particularly like the spicy grilled chicken or the combination of Brazilian black beans with rice, each served with fresh salad (the herbs in it come from their own garden) and, of course, with regional, homemade garlic butter. Vegetarian and vegan options are not a problem for both breakfast and dinner and can be prepared on request. The food comes from the weekly market and from the garden of friends. When buying the meat, care is also taken to ensure that it also comes to the environment. The hosts get to know many of the pigs, goats and cows personally before slaughter, just like the hens from which the breakfast eggs come. In addition, a separate vegetable garden and the cultivation of fruit are planned. In all dishes, care is taken to ensure that there are no additives and Timo describes his cuisine as slow food. Leftover food is not thrown away, but given to your own animals to eat. Otherwise there is a simple kitchen with faucet, gas cooker, manual coffee machine and a small refrigerator in every accommodation.

The employees from the region enjoy some advantages, such as free participation in workshops or hikes. In addition, Natascha and Timo offer their help in a wide variety of areas: from teaching English to helping them market their own projects. But it also happened that the employees celebrated the birthday of a child in one of the accommodations or relatives were allowed to spend the night there free of charge. The principle of "give and take" is actively practiced in the Quinta Rural. Far from mass tourism, the Quinta should live sustainability by respecting nature and taking care of the wellbeing of people and animals. For this reason, part of the rental income is invested in the conservation of the nature reserve.

EnvironmentIn the Quinta Rural you are very grateful to nature, which is also reflected in the way you deal with it. For this reason, every effort is made to protect and care for nature, for example through natural fertilizers or sustainable grazing. In addition, natural habitat for rabbits, foxes and small birds is created. Every year, numerous new trees are planted in-house. Chemicals and warm water are dispensed with in the bio pool. In general, gas and electricity are saved by using, for example, an old kettle instead of a kettle. Plastic bags are also no longer used. Rainwater is collected, also in order to be prepared for a bush fire that may break out. The soaps in the accommodations come from the area. There is no dishwasher, the hosts like to wash the dishes of sometimes 35 guests by hand. The warm water for this is warmed by the sun. There are no paved roads, only sandy paths. Guests are encouraged to walk rather than drive. Some of the accommodations have outhouse toilets, but of course there are normal toilets in the main building. In addition, the lodges have their own wood stoves, which are fueled with their own eucalyptus wood.

Well-BeingWell-being is provided by nature that fills you and animals. A therapy can be booked with a donkey, for example. In summer, a massage or Reiki can also be booked once a week. There is also the natural pool and some day trips or activities such as baking bread in a wood oven, picking herbs together, visiting a neighboring farm or preparing local dishes with a local chef.


  • Unusual, small holiday park on almost 5 hectares of land
  • Several large camping areas and 10 unique, rustic glamping accommodations
  • Immerse yourself in the nature of Portugal with a great view
  • Calmness from the outside world and peace between people, nature and animals
  • Breakfast basket made from local products, in summer there are also dinners several times a week, otherwise self-sufficiency
  • Digital Detox - no WiFi
  • Numerous nature activities: from hiking, horse riding to wild swimming in waterfalls
  • Historic cities of Guimaraes, Braga, Barcelos, Porto, Vila Real and Amarante can be reached in 40 to 95 km
  • Relaxed and child-friendly atmosphere

Glamping3 lodges, 1 hut, 6 tentsOwn cooking facilitiesChildren welcomeno WiFino disabled accessPoolNature PoolPets allowed


  • All accommodations with simple kitchen (faucet, gas cooker, manual coffee machine and small fridge)
  • Breakfast basket and dinner on request
  • Own herb garden
  • Biopool fed with spring water (7x4 meters)
  • Honesty bar
  • Barbecue
  • Large garden with swings and trampoline
  • Various animals on the premises: donkeys, chickens, etc.
  • Massages and Reiki on request
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Yurtfrom45 €
Cottagefrom70 €

Location + Directions

By car

The Quinta Rural can be reached by car from Porto in just over an hour (103 km). Vila Real is just under an hour away (73 km), Viseu just under two hours (159 km), Coimbra just over two hours (220 km) and Lisbon is around 4 hours away (412 km). The exact address and directions can be found on the property's website.