Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg, Germany

Colorful, more colorful, the most colorful…. So it's no wonder if you come up with a lot of creative ideas here at “Terezas”.

And that's exactly how it is meant. Tereza and Joerg have created a place in the old horse stable of Gut Stolzenhagen, where creative people can fully develop their design processes. Where the ideas, inspired by the environment, the furnishings, the nature, the silence and the spaces, can emerge undisturbed from the artist's soul and blossom.

Live and work far from the restlessness of the big city. Far from everyday duties. What more does an artist and designer want. There is working internet. Enough cozy corners to retreat and concentrate. In addition, workshops and workplaces also for educational and manual workers.

And inspiring exchange with like-minded people on cozy barbecues. Lush nature on the outside with forest and water and lots of open sky above for cycling, walking, swimming and enjoying. The wooden houses for sleeping in the garden are particularly successful - a very natural experience!

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Rooms + Rates

per night
Camping sitefrom32 €
Double roomfrom46 €


ArchitectureA horse stable from the end of the 19th century made of the dark reddish natural stones and bricks so typical of the area, which survived the GDR and then lay idle for years. In 2000 Joerg Bodemann discovered the Stolzenhagen estate and began to expand the old stable building. Over the years, a loft-like apartment has emerged on the upper floor in which Joerg and Tereza live. In the basement there are guest rooms and common rooms for coworking and coliving. Almost everything is built and designed from regional natural products or reused materials, for example from trade fair construction. The outdoor area has been expanded with various terraces and has been revitalized.

With the support of Joerg and Tereza, two houses have been rebuilt on the land of Tereza's family in Rwanda, which have been left to decay since the genocide. The land is now being worked on and used again.

EnvironmentGut Stolzenhagen is a creative design environment, and design always has to do with sustainability for Joerg and Tereza. Create something new, transform what is already there to a higher level. Include the direct and expanded environment and thus spread awareness of modern sustainable opportunities. The Stolzenhagen estate is heated with wood from the forest in front of the door and with solar support. In summer there is also solar-heated water. A special feature is the reed treatment plant, with which the waste water is cleaned. This requires a very conscious use of water so that the system is not overloaded. The comfortable composting toilet at the edge of the forest, for example, helps to relieve the strain, which also offers a very beautiful view of nature while you are sitting there….


  • Coworking place to live, work, be
  • Also suitable for workshops / seminars
  • Plenty of space in and around the building, in the garden and on the terraces
  • Many opportunities for bike tours, walks
  • Several swimming lakes nearby
  • To refresh a channel in about 10 minutes
  • Inspirational exchange with other creatives and designers
  • Lower Oder Valley National Park, Parsteiner See and numerous other lakes in the area, Schorfheide Chorin Biosphere Reserve, Niederfinow boat lift, Chorin Monastery
  • In the summer season there is also the possibility to register for dinner in the neighboring Ponderosa Guesthouse.
  • Ponderosa also offers numerous dance, yoga and movement-based events

Guest house / CoLiving CoWorking3 rooms + 3 cabinsCommunity kitchenno childrenWi-Fino disabled accessno PoolPets allowed


  • 3 guest rooms for 2 people each
  • All rooms with heating
  • Spacious living room, dining room, bathroom and toilet for common use
  • Several workplaces distributed in the common areas
  • Fully equipped shared kitchen
  • Stove + wood (can be obtained on site)
  • Large garden with hammocks, dining areas and barbecue (only for guests of the guest house)
  • Bedding and towels included
  • Bath towels to borrow
  • The courtyard is the communal space of the estate (for all residents and guests)
  • Cabin park with 3 cabins in the garden
  • Summer kitchen, garden shower with sink, outside toilet (belongs to the cabin park)
  • Possible to use the (wood) workshop
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Camping sitefrom32 €
Double roomfrom46 €

Location + Directions

By car

From Berlin you drive about 1.5 hours, via the A11 to Stolzenhagen (95 km).

With public transport

A regional train or EC runs from the main train station or Gesundbrunnen station to Angermünde in about 50 minutes. From Angermünde train station, take the Rufbus to Stolzenhagen. This runs at the following times: on weekdays from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (by 6:00 p.m. at the latest: 03332 442755), at the weekend from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (by 1:00 p.m. at the latest). Alternatively, you can take a taxi (costs around 20 euros).