Tainaron Blue Retreat

Mani, Peloponnese, Greece

What do you do with an old defense tower from the early 19th century that cannot be demolished because it is a listed building? Certainly not a hotel. Or is it? The two architects Kostas Zouvelos and Kassiani Theodorakakou dared to do it. 

This is how an accommodation was created that is unparalleled in the south of Greece, perhaps in the whole country. The view was incredible, the silence almost intense. That's why the two didn't hesitate long to take over the old fort when it was up for sale. The renovations took five years, with the architects/owners placing great emphasis on compatibility with the building's environment and history. The somewhat remote location and only four rooms guarantee a quiet and exclusive holiday. 

The tower, the heart of the complex, provides a unique view of the Mediterranean Sea and the western coast of the Mani Peninsula. This “middle finger” of the Peloponnese is the entrance to the legendary Cape Tenaro, the southernmost point of Greece. According to Greek mythology, a nearby cave is said to have been the entrance to the underworld of Hades. 

However, this unique environment can only be explored by those who make it out of the dreamy hotel. Because Zouvelos and Theodorakakou have made every effort to keep the guests in the Tainaron Blue. Not only have they renovated the fort and tower, they have upgraded it so that it blends in perfectly with its surroundings while retaining its almost antique charm. The decor also meets all the requirements one could have of a modern hotel, small as it is. A hydrotherapeutic infinity pool, sun terrace, on-site restaurant, well-appointed rooms... did we mention the view?

Rooms + Rates

per night
Double roomfrom220 €
Suitefrom260 €


ArchitectureThe fort including the defense tower is a listed building and has been restored with the appropriate care and dedication. The architects and owners Kostas Zouvelos and Kassiani Theodorakakou have rejected and revised their concept several times. Their aim was for the new hotel to blend seamlessly into the landscape within the old walls. The walls were not only renewed but even reinforced with the traditional Kourasani material mixture, which consists of lime, sand and earth from the area, among other things. For the renovation, Zouvelos and Theodorakakou only used materials from the area, the pool, terraces and patio are based on the original architecture. Although they are newly built, they don't spoil the overall picture in any way. The structure of the stone masonry is also continued in the rooms. Vaulted ceilings, loophole-sized windows and minimalist furnishings perfect the interplay of indoor and outdoor areas.

FoodTainaron Blue has its own restaurant, which guarantees privacy and is reserved exclusively for guests. George Samoillis and his sous chef Sakis Bellis take care of the kitchen. Guests can enjoy the particularly healthy, traditional Mani cuisine. Lots of fish, the best olive oil (a specialty of the region), tomatoes, meat, salads - the menu leaves nothing to be desired. The recipes are kept simple, but always surprising due to the many available ingredients. In addition, there is the famous Greek wine that goes with the dish. Breakfast is always included in the price of accommodation, meals are served either on the terrace, by the pool in the patio or on a veranda overlooking the lake.

Well-BeingThe infinity pool is hydrotherapeutic, and there are also various wellness offers. This also includes feel-good products from the Greek brand O.Live


  • Old fort and defense tower from the early 19th century
  • Modernized and extensively renovated in accordance with monument protection
  • Fantastic, secluded location on the Mani coast, the southern tip of Greece
  • Quality finishes, inside and out
  • Lots of opportunities to relax, for example at the infinity pool
  • Hotel's own restaurant with selected regional cuisine, reserved exclusively for guests

Hotel4 roomsRestaurantno childrenWi-Fino disabled accessPoolno pets


  • Four rooms/suites with en-suite bathrooms
  • Infinity pool
  • Stone patio and large terrace
  • Small restaurant directly in the hotel
  • Room service until 10 p.m
  • Massages can be booked on request
  • Children over 12 welcome
  • cleaning service
  • Bike rental for an extra charge


Wie aus Fels gewachsen, ragt der einsame Turm über dem Meer auf. Hinter der jahrhundertealten Fassade verbirgt er ein modernes Raumwunder.

Claus Sendlinger, GEO Saison: Die 100 besten Hotels in Europa 2016, October 2022

The latest and most elegant in a series of Maniot towers to be converted into hotels, Tainaron Blue has turned a dusty stone fortification into a contemporary refuge with an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean., October 2022

You can’t miss the distinctive tower that marks the retreat at Tainaron Blue, a hotel housed in an early 19th century defence tower on the slopes of Taygetos. This Michelin Guide-approved stay is one for guests looking for an off-the-beaten track experience still defined by luxury. Enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean as you soak in Tainaron’s hydrotherapy pool, and dine at the hotel restaurant, which serves freshly caught fish.

Gladys Lai,, October 2022

It feels like the end of the world – in a good way. The tower was built to watch out and defend, set on the cliffs 150 metres above sea level, so the sea views are the best you can get. The spot is remote, with Vathia, one of the area’s most beautiful villages, a few kilometres away. The Marmari ‘twin beaches’ are walking distance (some 30 minutes to go down, but be prepared for a bit of a climb to get back), and a bit further south is Cape Tainaron, where you can visit a small archaeological site and walk to the lighthouse of Tainaron at the southernmost point of the Greek mainland.

Jacoline Vinke,, October 2022
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Double roomfrom220 €
Suitefrom260 €

Location + Directions

By plane

The nearest airport is Kalamata Airport, approximately 125 kilometers away. It takes about two and a half hours by car from there to the accommodation. Athens International Airport is 340 kilometers away, just over four hours by car. There is free parking at Tainaron Blue. The exact address can be found on the website.