Skeið Vist

Dalvík, Northeastern Region, Iceland

The Skeið Vist is located at the end of a beautiful valley, the Svarfaðardalur, on the Tröllaskagi, the Troll Peninsula of Northern Iceland. Guests can enjoy a breathtaking mountain panorama, with mountain meadows, fields, horses and a babbling river in summer. In autumn the fields shine golden, and the indescribably beautiful northern lights can be seen over and over again throughout the entire Icelandic winter. From April the lush green meadows give hope for the long-awaited summer.

The lodge includes a small holiday apartment as well as larger accommodation for groups. Almost everything was created in-house, with attention to detail and the motivation to create a sustainable holiday idyll. The simple and cozy house was developed according to the "slow travel" principle, gradually, and that when tourism in Iceland was still in its infancy.

The holiday apartment was opened in summer 2000, and group accommodation was added in 2008. Skeið is one of the oldest farms in the valley, which used to be home to blacksmiths and small farmers, which old ruins can still be seen today. The remote location of Skeið protects the place from mass tourism that has already occurred in other places in Iceland. The hosts want to counteract this and deliberately keep their accommodation small so that it blends in with the surrounding nature and does not destroy it. Your goal is to live on a permaculture farm, with self-sufficiency and alternative energy generation and a minimalist lifestyle.

Myriam Dalstein and Ingmar Guðmundsson are the hosts of Skeið Vist. The couple lives with their children on the former farm in a private house. Ingmar works as a physiotherapist in the neighboring village of Dalvík and Myriam takes care of the accommodation and the guests.

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Rooms + Rates

per night
Single roomfrom40 €
Double roomfrom95 €
Apartmentfrom180 €


ArchitectureThe Skeið Vist was created according to the motto "make new from old": The former stable and haystack now serve as accommodation and the former cow stands of the stable have been converted into supports for the dining table top. The apartments were almost exclusively furnished with used objects and furniture, which, for example, have been given a new coat of paint. Only environmentally friendly colors were used for painting or varnishing. The rooms are white or natural-colored and thus ensure a cozy, friendly room atmosphere, which is also supported by large window fronts. The floor coverings are made of natural tiles, light natural cork or wood. In the outdoor area, mostly old garden furniture was restored and pallet wood was used. Except for the concrete ground and the roof beams, the horse stable is made of upcycling material that comes from disused neighboring farms. In Iceland, wood is largely an import product - this is why it is so important to Myriam that the material is used again and again in order to save transport routes and conserve resources. What the family did not build themselves, craftsmen from the neighboring village took over, such as the construction drawing, the installation of the sanitary facilities and the power supply.

FoodDuring the ski season, from the beginning of February to mid-May (variable depending on the snow conditions), half or full board is offered; this is also possible outside of the season by arrangement. Icelandic specialties land on the plate, which are preferably prepared with foods that do not have to be imported. Most of the herbs come from our own greenhouse and are either fresh or self-dried. A small vegetable garden of its own enables local food, free of pesticides, to be offered. Work is currently underway on a permaculture farm, which is to expand the range. The dishes offered are, for example: Icelandic leg of lamb with fresh salad, delicious Icelandic jacket potatoes, served with typical, homemade rhubarb jam. Or a mushroom sauce, which is prepared from specially collected or dried mushrooms from the mountain heather. The Icelandic crepes (pönnukökur) are also eaten with home-made rhubarb jam and with blueberry or crowberry jam (the two types grow in the mountains and are collected from mid-August and, with a little luck, until mid / end of September). Vegans will also find what they are looking for in modern Icelandic cuisine: the hostess likes to conjure up fine oven-baked dishes from regional vegetables, such as a delicious potato and carrot dish.

EnvironmentThe host family increasingly lives according to the principle of permaculture, i.e. an ecological philosophy of life: In Skeið Vist there is up and recycling, the garbage is strictly separated, all electrical devices are energy-saving, as are the LED lights in all rooms, and only come environmentally friendly detergents and detergents are used. The property has its own mountain spring, from which the process water is fed through a cleaning septic tank. The food waste is picked up weekly by the garbage disposal and brought to a collection point, where the organic waste is turned into humus-rich soil, which the residents can pick up as required. Myriam is happy to support this cycle process, whereby it is her wish that her own compost, which is currently only used in summer, can be used all year round. The hosts also support reforestation projects financially.

Well-BeingThere is a small sauna on site. In cooperation with a nearby provider, yoga classes can be booked in groups. A special highlight during the ski season is ski yoga: for a small tour group, the morning begins with yoga exercises, followed by ski tours (with skins, without helicopters or ski lifts) and ends with other yoga exercises. This concept can also be booked as hike yoga. The appointments are made by arrangement with the hostess.


  • Experience slow travel in a small courtyard at the end of the Svarfaðardalur valley
  • Individual furnishings with upcycling furniture
  • Minimalist lifestyle based on the permaculture principle
  • Very family-friendly with a trampoline, sandpit and a seesaw made of old hay cart wheels
  • Fantastically beautiful nature with a wide variety of nature experiences: hot springs, sea, mountain lakes, fjords, ideal for (hobby) ornithologists, in winter you can see the northern lights
  • Various outdoor activities possible in every season: mountain biking, hiking in the mountains, ski tours, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, forest bathing, diving, bathing in a mountain lake, surfing and climbing (including ice climbing), and much more
  • Depending on the season, mushrooms, herbs or berries can be collected. There is good fishing and fly fishing in the vicinity of the accommodation.
  • Special ski yoga courses for groups are offered in winter
  • Two horses and two cats live on the premises, but they are not allowed into the guests' accommodations
  • Numerous excursion possibilities in the area: the mountain lake Skeiðsvatn, the small fjord island Hrísey, the natural hot pots in Hauganes by the sea (30 minutes by car), the nature reserve around the Mývatn, the old peat museum Laufás, etc.
  • Ideal for families, hiking, yoga and ski touring groups and all nature and outdoor sports enthusiasts

Apartment + group accommodation5 roomsCatering + own cooking facilitiesChildren welcomeWi-Fino disabled accessno Poolno pets


  • Small holiday apartment with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and spacious kitchen-cum-living room for 4 to max. 6 people
  • Group accommodation with 14 beds in 3 rooms
  • Large eat-in kitchen, 2 showers, 3 toilets and a small sauna in the group accommodation
  • You can choose between sleeping bags or made beds
  • Half or full board for groups during the ski season (Feb - May)
  • Vegetables and herbs from our own greenhouse
  • Own small sauna
  • Yoga course for groups on request
  • Ski and hike yoga can also be booked
  • Minimum stay 4 nights or 2 nights (weekend)
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Single roomfrom40 €
Double roomfrom95 €
Apartmentfrom180 €

Location + Directions

By car

In Iceland it is generally recommended to rent a car, as the nature and beauty of Iceland can often only be explored with an individual drive. From Reykjavík it takes a good 5 hours by car to Skeið Vist (427 km). The exact address can be found on the website.