Kulturinsel - The secret world of Turisede

Neißeaue, Saxony, Germany

At the intersection of three cultures, far from the stress of the present, hides the magical world of the legendary Turiseder. A place of well-being for the soul and at the same time full of exciting experiences for young and old. One day is not enough and the night is spectacular, so the secret world of Turisede is also the perfect place for a little vacation in between.

If you're looking for flashy glamour and the thrill of rides, you're in the wrong place. The world formerly known as "Einsiedel Island of Culture" playfully created links between art, culture and nature. Turisede, as the long-lost culture of ancestors settling on tree houses was called. It is the model for the constantly evolving world of adventure. Here you can experience at first hand how it is to live in natural structures and together with many animals in the middle of the "wilderness". Even those who think they have seen it all, with or without children - everyone gets their money's worth here, because a visit to Turisede is like a trip back to your own childhood.

Whimsical houses grow in the trees, in which it is wonderful to spend the night. In general, all the buildings here are built as if the mythical ancestors had wielded the axe themselves. A forgotten world is brought back to life and the cheerful serenity of the ancient people is transmitted to the visitors, making their hearts beat unexpectedly to the cheerful rhythm of Turisede. 

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Rooms + Rates

per night
Camping sitefrom35 €
Tree housefrom290 €
Yurtfrom420 €


ArchitectureThe basic material of the artistic design is wood. All tree houses, castles and other accommodations were developed and built by the artistic wood design Bergmann GmbH - specialists for large, crazy things made of wood - themselves, mainly raw materials from the region were used. Old rubber conveyor belts from the surrounding lignite mine were also used, so that they did not have to be scrapped in this way.

FoodForest and meadow dishes have also recently been served on the cultural island. Most comes from regional providers.

There are always activities on the cultural island that benefit children in particular, such as the promotion of kindergartens and free admission for children. A special focus is on promoting the Polish neighboring village of Bielawa Dolna to help it get on its feet economically. Terrain improvements are being organized for the village to make it a tourist attraction. International gathering of Poles and Germans is also a concern. It is reflected in the employees and the amount of joint celebrations and events, as well as in the holiday camps.

EnvironmentDealing with the natural basic material wood is very careful. Of course, garbage is separated on the entire island. ,

Well-BeingThe so-called "Faulenzer" has hot boiler baths that are heated to real embers. There is also a sauna.


  • Adventure land for children and adults with diverse attractions
  • Artistic wood design of the different accommodations
  • Night experience and gastronomy
  • Nearby biosphere reserve and many swimming lakes
  • Suitable for cycling and hiking tours
  • Lazing around in hot tubs.
  • Suitable for children, groups and the young at heart

Adventure Hotel75 accommodationsBreakfast, additional dishesChildren welcomeWi-Fino disabled accessno Poolno pets


  • Adventure theme park with over 40 tree houses
  • Some tree houses can be heated
  • Log store, tree house café and other adventure gastronomy
  • Petting zoo, bird watching station and doll's house
  • Archaic wellness facility "Faulenzum" with sauna and boiler baths
  • Special theater restaurant
  • Ciuchcia train rides and rubber boat tours
  • Bicycle rentals

Certificates + Awards

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Rooms + Rates

per night
Camping sitefrom35 €
Tree housefrom290 €
Yurtfrom420 €

Location + Directions

By car

The cultural island of Einsiedel is located near Görlitz on the Polish border. From Berlin you drive about 2.5 hours (219 km), from Dresden a good hour (119 km). You will receive the exact address and directions on booking.

With public transport

The closest train station is in Görlitz. From there a bus goes to Zentendorf / Kulturinsel.