Kulturimpuls 128 Hertz

St. Ingbert, Saarland, Germany

In the course of time, the regional developer and artist Dorothée Pirrung renovated the listed town house from the late industrialization in 1890 and, from an ecological point of view, converted it into a guest house, office for regional development and an art studio. The building complex is like a development laboratory. Here life forms of sustainability are tested - applied art of living. It's about designing people in harmony with nature. The house is a source of inspiration and conscious living, as well as a place of reduction, minimalism, finding oneself and a place to slow down, as a model for projects in the Bliesgau organic reserve.

The development of the building is based on a concept that was developed in the artistic process with the help of the management and design tool MOBILE Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau and is looking for ways of life for a "good life" - especially for future generations.

Pirrung also calls her place of work “Kulturimpuls 128 Hertz”. The name is program. The tone of the frequency 128 Hertz, like the MOBILE, stands for a "life in inner balance" and reminds people of its spiritual origin. A 128 Hertz tone can be perceived equally by all living beings; an energy that can be felt in the body, a kind of warmth that makes the connection “human and world” tangible. Everything is fine. What is coherent is in balance, sounds in harmony with nature and creation and promotes healthy growth. Borrowed from the world of music, Pirrung sees 128 Hertz as an impulse for peaceful coexistence, which results from the coherence of the individual. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and designers.

The pirrung habitat office develops concepts for individual, sustainable projects, accompanies them and supports their implementation; the focus is on the common good and participation. Discourses, tastings, cultural events complete the program of education for sustainable development. For Pirrung, the artistic process holds unimagined potential for social change. Art in society releases creative power that can make the “good life” possible for everyone.

The "temporary project room" at the cultural site serves as a laboratory, think tank and impulse workshop alike - an ideal development space for people who are looking for meaning, workshops, groups or people who are looking for relaxation and, above all, impulses.

The interior of the guest house is minimalistly reserved. The rooms are flooded with light, selected individual pieces correspond to the existing style elements of the monument; the artistic concept underpins "moments of human development" and so the eye gets caught on individual, beautiful pieces of furniture, works of art and the architectural heritage that is valued. The deliberately designed emptiness creates an atmosphere and space for your own thoughts. This is explicitly wanted. The garden is also space for people in harmony with nature. When the weather is nice, you can linger on the stone stairs. Bees and other farm animals whir through the small farm garden, which is deliberately structured to provide insects and city birds with living space.

The property is located in a cultural landscape that was already inhabited by the Celts and Romans; in the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve, in the southeast of Saarland on the border with the French region of Lorraine and Rhineland-Palatinate. The reserve, protected by UNESCO, is mainly characterized by forests, orchards and the beautiful meadows of the Blies. Guests of the “Kulturimpuls 128 Hertz” get the treasures of nature on the table every morning in the form of a delicious vegetarian biosphere breakfast. In addition to the regionality, it is particularly about the future form of organic farming with its fine products, which can be tasted as a model of doing business in harmony with nature.

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ArchitectureThe listed town house was built in the late industrialization around 1890. It is a typical representative of regional building culture. The modernization and renovation concept builds a bridge between the time when Art Nouveau was created and the military challenges of climate change in modern times. A model project for sustainability in the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve has emerged from the former community center. Aspects of ecological building and regionality were given special consideration. Through the use of regional materials, the house is, so to speak, an "image of the region". Natural and regional building materials such as limestone, lime plasters, sandstone, red lime inside, wood, steel, slag stone, brick, basalt paving, make the cultural landscape of the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve come alive. The buildings, which are in danger of decay, have been carefully renovated by local craftsmen. For example, the original front door, the floorboards, the wooden doors and windows in the interior, as well as the existing iron railings were put back in value and regional architecture was preserved. The building ensemble includes a guest house, studio, office space, a temporary project room and a historic "ice cellar", that was used as a bunker in the Second World War. The floor in the temporary project room was uncovered and can now be walked on as 250 million year old rock. In the garden room, the inner courtyards were fixed with recycled natural stone paving and the joints kept open. The interior also follows the concept idea consistently. It reflects contemporary history; antique furniture from historicism, everyday objects in Art Deco and objects from the period of the first renovation period in the style of the Bauhaus to contemporary designer furniture, which were selected and manufactured from local woods according to criteria of regional, ecological added value. The house interacts with its surroundings. It shows a kind of life form "human being in harmony with nature and culture" and embodies the atmosphere of a "laboratory of good life" in the Bliesgau biosphere reserve. The artistic concept underpins the themes - metamorphoses, life cycle of an illusion, becoming and passing away, nesting are site-specific settings of contemporary confrontation between people in harmony with nature.

FoodUpon request, guests can also book a vegetarian biosphere breakfast. In addition to juices, cheese variations, whole grain breads, fresh omelets with chives alongside reduced-sugar, fine fruit spreads and side dishes from seasonal fruits and vegetables, the breakfast also offers a variety of specialties from small, regional manufacturers in Demeter quality or from organic farming. The seminar operation can be supplied by regional caterers, so that the guests experience the taste region of the biosphere reserve in terms of taste and sensuality.

Throughout the entire house construction period, care was taken to outsource the work to local companies and to pay them according to expenditure - a fair payment that reflected the actual hourly expenditure. In the current company Pirrung ensures a pleasant working atmosphere for all forces; this includes mutual agreement on working hours and a work assignment that corresponds to the skills and talents of the service providers, so that joy in doing is felt. Agreement on an equal footing, friendly dealings and appropriate remuneration are essential parts of the mission statement "Kulturimpuls 128 Hertz". Keeping the added value in the region is another essential aspect that wants to contribute to an ecological economy. This creates an ever closer network of regional producers whose products are tasted locally. Education for sustainable development in the areas of economy of the common good, ecology, social affairs and art raises awareness and stimulates self-reliant action - a culture with generational responsibility.

EnvironmentIn 2009 the region was certified by the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. As a regional developer, it is a matter close to Pirrung's heart to set a good example; not as a challenge to others, but as a challenge to yourself. She developed the building ensemble as a model project for sustainability in an artistic process. The design and management tool MOBILE Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau serves this purpose. It addresses 10 topics specific to the region and seeks balance. With the MODEL, Pirrung works conceptually. The model is generally suitable for designing projects with sustainability requirements. UNESCO biosphere reserves promote the balancing of the interests of environmental protection and economy, for a coexistence of people in harmony with nature. So it's not just about nature conservation, but especially about the ethics and responsibility of the individual acting in the biosphere region according to the motto - the future starts with you. Pirrung donates an amount for each overnight stay in the cultural impulse, so that a tree can be planted in the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve through the city forest. “Kulturimpuls 128 hertz” is committed to this concept and actively participates in it. The house was renovated with an efficient energy concept. Pellet heating, ecological building materials, sheep's wool as insulation material, triple glazing of the windows, rainwater retention as well as solar collectors and the latest, economical technology are some of the examples of implementation in the field of environmental protection. Only regional building materials were used for the renovation. The careful renovation and the preservation of the regional building culture protect the cultural heritage. The building ensemble has a courtyard to linger and a utility garden. Particular emphasis was placed on diversity and biodiversity, so that a small urban biotope is to be created in the future. The garden area contains elements of a cottage garden with dry stone walls and is deliberately designed to be small and differentiated. Every year new flowering areas for insects are created. Organic waste is composted and returned to the garden, creating a circular economy.


  • Guest house with artistic spirit mainly for business people
  • Weekend rental possible, but without breakfast and by arrangement
  • Ecological, regional, artistic, minimalistic
  • Garden with flowering areas for insects to support biodiversity
  • Located in the middle of the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve
  • An amount is donated for each overnight stay so that a tree can be planted in the biosphere reserve.
  • Good starting point for hiking trips
  • The house with creative rooms can also be rented for conferences, coaching, workshops (rental for conference purposes on request)

Guest house and studio3 roomsBreakfast + cateringno childrenWi-Fino disabled accessno Poolno pets


  • 2 single rooms and 1 double room
  • Breakfast of your choice for 9 euros per person
  • All rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Towels and bedsheets
  • Creative room + catering for seminars
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Single roomfrom89 €
Double roomfrom129 €

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