Elbinsel Krautsand

Drochtersen, Northern Germany, Germany

The tree houses can accommodate up to 4 people. There is a small wood stove for cozy evenings.

Prices are per night and tree house

2 adults (+ 2 children): 135.00 euros / overnight stay
4 adults: 175.00 euros / overnight stay

There are also the costs for final cleaning of 40 euros.

From May to September, the minimum stay is 3 days. In the remaining months at least 2 days

For the pasture accommodation of a horse, 17 euros per day will be charged (including hay, water and paddok).

In the tree house there is a bathroom with rain shower, large towels and tiles made of natural stone, a kitchenette with stove, fridge , Oven and a comfortable alcove bed with bed linen, as well as binoculars for observing the animals and the passing ships, a bird identification book ("what's flying there?"), An iPad with a ship's app ("what's going on there?"), Tide tables and a Fireplace with enough firewood. Woolen blankets and skins for a cozy evening inside and outside and a bottle of wine are also a must.

The Elbinsel Krautsand is already fully booked until the beginning of December.

from135 €up to175 € / night


Approximately 36m² in size, offers optimal comfort for 2 guests and is equipped with a balcony and terrace. From Jojo you have the most beautiful view of the paddocks and the resting places of the wild geese.

max. 4 Peoplealcove bedsofa bed
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