Elbinsel Krautsand

Drochtersen, Northern Germany, Germany

Are these UFOs that have landed on stilts or are they “just” tree houses? One thing is certain: anyone who sees the futuristic structures on the Elbe island of Krautsand feels like they are in another world - and yet they have not left Germany.

Visitors have the choice between Jojo, Lotti and Anni, that's the name of the three tree or stilt houses. All three float in the middle of old, gnarled willows - but each has its own peculiarities. From Jojo you have the most beautiful view of the paddocks, the resting places of the wild geese and you can watch the neighbor, who starts in the morning to get coffee and cake: In the "first" row are Lotti and Anni. Only a horse pasture and the dike separate these two from the Elbe, where you can watch the passing ships. Here you can be very close to nature: the tree houses are almost on the border with the bird sanctuary. On the pastures, a fox or a deer will sometimes meet up.

The owners of the tree houses, Klaus Mayer and his wife Maika Engelke, live right next door on the Icelandic horse farm. Their goal is to make guests feel as comfortable as they do on this beautiful piece of earth. A vacation from the Elbe island of Krautsand is not only wellness for the body, but also for the soul.

Here the beautiful sentence applies: "Less is sometimes more". Instead of an expensive swimming pool, there is a HotPot in which you can look into the starry sky. Instead of a television there are binoculars and a wonderful view of nature. Instead of an entertainment program, there is the beach and the mudflats for walking and the opportunity to ride.

The interior of the bright tree houses also feels more like less: The oak furnishings are simple but beautiful. There are cozy pillows, skins and blankets everywhere. You can light the numerous candles for pleasant light in the evening. In the tree houses you feel safe and close to nature.

On the nearby Elbe, four kilometers of the finest sandy beach and fresh water mud are waiting. The North Sea near Cuxhaven or the Natureum, located at the east mouth between Hamburg and Cuxhaven, are suitable for excursions, surrounded by mudflats, grassland and dikes in the glacial valley of the Elbe. Visitors will find a paradise here to explore, understand and preserve this unique coastal nature. Trips by bus "Voglkieker", the moor railway "Moorkieker" and the ship "Tidenkieker" to the migratory birds, into the moor or on the Elbe are popular with young and old.

Rooms + Rates

per night
Tree housefrom135 €


ArchitectureThe tree houses are simple, beautiful and natural and give the residents the feeling of floating in the middle of the canopy. Only local craftsmen and specialist companies were used in the construction. The processed woods (chestnut and oak) come from regional trees and are all untreated. The oak in the living area is only oiled. The interior of the bright tree houses is simple, but beautiful. There are cozy pillows, skins and blankets everywhere. The bathroom is equipped with a rain shower and natural stone tiles.

EnvironmentGarbage is separated, glass and paper are collected and disposed of accordingly. The tree houses can also be heated with wood. The electricity is generated by wind power. All lamps are equipped with energy-saving LED lamps.

Well-BeingThe outdoor HotPot ensures the wellness experience - a unique experience, for example on a starry night. Cosmetic treatments are possible after consultation.


  • Living 6-7m high with a view of the Elbe
  • Cozy interior with woolen blankets and skins
  • Earth house that can be used as a yoga, meditation or seminar room
  • Relaxation for body and soul when bathing in the hotpot
  • Vacation with dog and / or horse possible (horse boarding next door)
  • Great excursions, also horseback rides possible.
  • Ideal for observing nature: bird identification book & iPad with ship app

Treehouses3 housesOwn cooking facilitiesChildren welcomeWi-Fino disabled accessno PoolPets allowed


  • Tree houses on stilts for up to 4 people
  • Wood stove for heating
  • Bathroom with a shower
  • Small kitchen and wood-burning stove.
  • Internet, but no television
  • Binoculars
  • Beach chair and grill on the premises
  • Outdoor hotpot
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Horse pasture next door (also for your own horse)
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Tree housefrom135 €

Location + Directions

By car

The Elbe island of Krautsand can be easily reached from Hamburg in about 1.5 hours (75 km). From Bremen you drive 1 hour 45 minutes (110 km) and from Bremerhaven only about 1 hour (75 km). You will receive the exact address and route description when booking.

With public transport

From Hamburg you can reach Krautsand in about 2 hours. There is a bus connection from the train station in Stade to Drochtersen, and from there another bus goes to Krautsand (or you can also be picked up from there). The bus stop is only a 4-minute walk away.