Das Naturhaus

Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany

Time out from the big city. Time out from the hustle and bustle, noise, electrosmog and bad air. Stop at yourself in the Naturhaus, surrounded by the Ammergau mountains, the Bavarian blue sky and nothing but natural materials. The entire nature house could be practically completely composted and recycled so consistently it is built from wood, natural stone and clay.

Due to the solid solid wood walls and specially shielded electrical cables, the house is almost free of radiation and electrosmog. Accordingly, it goes without saying that in addition to the voluntary and liberating waiver of electrical devices such as TV and PC, the use of mobile phones should be avoided as far as possible. In order to achieve a room climate that is as dust-free as possible, the heaters are installed in walls and floors and neither smoking nor animals are permitted in the entire house and garden.

The nature house is also suitable for people with animal hair or electrical allergies. Because here only the different tree species in and around the house radiate their different supporting energies. Spruce helps to keep the balance, the fir to the serenity and the oak brings new energy and earthiness. In every bedroom there is also a stone pine wall, which can contribute to a more healthy sleep.

Claudia and Johannes Kästel have been welcoming holiday guests to their Thoma-Holz100 house since 2011, whom they would like to offer the opportunity to find their way back to themselves and nature for a while. That "less" for soul, body and spirit is "more"; is clearly shown here, for example, if you take the binoculars in every apartment and take a look into the distance over mountains, trees and birds instead of staring into the tube.

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ArchitectureClaudia and Johannes Kästel dared and won. They have left their usual life behind and started a new, different life in the middle of and with the still largely original nature. With such a courageous and consequent step, it also means "if so, because already"; and so the new house became not just any normal, but a real "natural house"; made of 100% untreated wood without glue, preservatives or other ingredients that may contain harmful substances. The solid wood parts of the house according to the ThomaHolz100 system are even assembled with wooden nails, the solid floors are cut at the right time of the year and the ideal moon position, and in addition to all the local woods, some walls were filled with clay and selected natural stones were installed in the bathrooms. All of this is, of course, made of regional materials, and in some cases, like the cobblestones in the garden or some old furniture, also of recycled or reused materials. The massive solid wood walls and the special shielding of the electrical lines and the laying of the heaters in the walls and floors have created a dust and radiation-free house, which by the way is not a dead spot! But just leave the cell phones out.

FoodTo welcome you, a glass of home-made jam in the fridge of the perfectly equipped self-catering kitchens and as a delicacy in the organic vegetable and herb garden around the house, from which guests of the Naturhaus can try home-grown non-GMO vegetables, fruit and (medicinal) herbs. In addition, of course, guests get comprehensive information about the possibility of shopping with regional suppliers and in the local health food store.

A nice idea: washing clothes for a donation to the children's home. If guests want to have their laundry washed for longer stays, this costs a voluntary amount, which is fully paid to the local children's home. The garden furniture of the Naturhaus partly comes from workshops for the disabled in the area.

EnvironmentIf you build a nature house, sustainability and environmental protection are of course important issues. Rainwater is therefore collected and used as process water for flushing toilets, washing machines and garden irrigation. Heating is carried out with renewable pellets and where there is insufficient electricity from our own solar and photovoltaic system, only green electricity is purchased. The guests get an introduction to the consequent separation and composting of their waste and of course only biodegradable cleaning agents and detergents are used in the nature house.

Well-BeingSo, no question at all - staying in this radiation-free house, energetically positively charged by healthy wood and stone and the surrounding nature, is a blessing for body and soul in itself. In addition, the house is equipped with a Grander water revitalization system, through which the good mountain water that comes from the pipes is harmonized and revitalized. The big flower of life with which the floor of the natural stone shower is decorated does the rest. In addition, medicinal herb hikes and fasting courses can be organized in the Naturhaus upon request and there are also offers for yoga classes, massages and other healing techniques nearby.


  • Apartments without electrosmog (no electronic devices!)
  • Almost dust and pollutant-free indoor climate
  • Classified with four stars by the German tourism association
  • Come to rest in the middle of Ammergau nature
  • Skiing, hiking, swimming lakes all nearby

Apartments2 apartmentsown kitchenChildren welcomeno WiFiDisabled accessno Poolno pets


  • Two approximately 90 m2 apartments for 2-4 people
  • Apartments with fully equipped solid wood kitchens
  • Grander water activated sludge plant
  • Lawn with barefoot path
  • Tepidarium with stone pine (bio sauna)
  • Garden chairs, hanging chairs
  • Bed linen, towels available.
  • Additional costs, tourist tax and final cleaning included
  • Non smoking Estate
  • One carport space per apartment
  • Bicycle parking
  • Vegetables and herbs from the garden for guests
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Apartmentfrom108 €

Location + Directions

By train

Oberammergau is easy to reach by train (about 2 hours from Munich) and guests are picked up at the train station.