Berghüs am Grünten

Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany

The Berghüs am Grünten (also known as the Dreiangelhütte) is all alone in the middle of the Oberallgäu nature. The view of the Grünten massif with its three imposing peaks is breathtaking. In winter the hut is surrounded by snow and is an ideal starting point for varied ski tours. The animals also appreciate the peace and quiet that can be found here - eagles, peregrine falcons, eagle owls and tawny owls circle majestically in the sky.

The house originally served as the royal forester's house, and some of the original extensions have been preserved to this day. The horses of the forest workers, who had to fetch the heavy logs from the forest while cutting, were stored here. During the one-year war (1870-1871) as well as during the First and Second World Wars, refugees found shelter there. Due to the change in the timber industry and increasing industrialization, the meaning and purpose of the hut became obsolete. Vacancy, severe winter damage and high maintenance costs ultimately led to the hut being sold in 2002.

Today's hosts, the Esterl family, bought the mountain hut and lovingly renovated it. Due to the royal past, they encountered a high quality of construction with solid construction and started the project with the will to preserve traditions and at the same time to give the property a future. After three years of renovation taking into account traditions, the Berghüs was able to reopen. Today the house is not only known for good food, but also for the fact that it is committed to preserving biodiversity in the mountain forest.

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Rooms + Rates

per night
Double roomfrom70 €
entire housefrom305 €


ArchitectureThe special location calls for a construction with solid wood and stone structures, which must also withstand the immense amounts of snow in winter. The hut was built around 1854 and the originally preserved floors, stoves, walls and ceilings are evidence of this time. The future and preservation of all buildings and facades in the outdoor area was done with Swedish linseed oil and natural resin paint; Shell limestone colors were used in the interior. New furniture is skilfully integrated into the existing structure. The bright, light-flooded rooms, the cozy parlors and the crackling stoves create an authentic atmosphere in the mountains. The three-year renovation took place exclusively with companies within a 25-kilometer radius. The wood used also comes from the local forest.

FoodSeasonal and regional food is served, mostly organic. Many of the processed products are bought in the nearby area, as it is not possible to cultivate them on the mountain. Most of the juices, beers, water and salads come from Demeter cultivation. For example, Kaiserschmarrn with wild blueberries and many Allgäu dishes are served. But the Älpler-Kässpatzen and the venison goulash with various side dishes are also popular. The organic coffee is fairly traded and is served with delicious, homemade cakes, apple strudel or apple fritters. There is a large selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes, and the kitchen is happy to pay attention to food intolerances.

All employees working in the accommodation live in the same place. The hosts are involved in small regional projects, the promotion of kindergarten and have taken on a sponsorship through Plan International. The host family also financially supports the Bund Naturschutz Bayern eV.

EnvironmentOwn electricity is generated by a photovoltaic system. There is a storage tank for 500 liters of hot water and electricity. If the sun is not shining strong enough, a condensing boiler steps in to ensure the heating and hot water supply. There is also a highly effective, sulfur-free emergency power supply with heating oil. Eleven wood-burning stoves, some of them historic, have been approved according to the new standards. Cooking is done with a liquid gas system.

Well-BeingThere is a hot tub, which is heated in winter, and a swimming lake to be able to cool off in summer. In addition, the view of and movement in nature ensures a special kind of well-being. In the Oberallgäu you can go hiking and bike tours.


  • A royal fort house to rent for yourself, with family or friends
  • 170 year old mountain hut with original wooden floors, ceilings and stoves
  • Secluded location in nature: white in winter, green in summer
  • Excellent Allgäu cuisine with regional products
  • In summer, beautiful outdoor dining with a courtyard garden and natural terraces around the Weiherle
  • Own energy supply
  • The focus is on biodiversity in the mountain forest
  • The ideal starting point for numerous outdoor activities
  • In summer, canyoning, building and driving rafts, stand-up paddling, flying fox, visiting a climbing forest, swimming in the forest on your own beach, and much more
  • In winter: snowshoeing, skiing, cross-country skiing, igloo building, tobogganing, etc.

Mountain forest house5 roomsRestaurant (Self-Catering in winter)Children welcomeno WiFino disabled accessno PoolNature PoolPets allowed


  • Mountain hut with 5 rooms
  • Open throughout the year
  • Management from April to November
  • In winter the whole hut can be booked for self-catering
  • Two shower rooms on the same floor
  • Bring a towel, slippers and a cloth sleeping bag (as in Alpine Club huts)
  • Cooking facilities given (in winter for self-catering)
  • Hot tub
  • Swimming lake
  • Free charging station for e-bikes
  • The next place can be reached in 5 kilometers


In den Wintermonaten muss man auf HPs Kaiserschmarrn mit Heidelbeermus und die Wildblütensuppe verzichten, dafür aber wird die Hütte zwischen November und März zum Rückzugsort für Selbstversorger. Dann mietet man sich ein, kocht auf dem rustikalen Holzherd und steigt in den Hot Tub. Man schätzt die verwunschene Einsamkeit, die knarzigen Böden und den Chardonnay, der auch im Winter vorrätig ist. Und man genießt die Touren auf den Grünten, den Spieser und das Wertacher Hörnle, das einen bis nach Tirol blicken lässt, ins Tannheimer Tal.

Sissi Pärsch, Bergwelten, April 2021

Auf der sonnigen Südflanke des Grünten, auf 1010 Metern Höhe, liegt das Bergwaldhaus Dreiangelhütte, auf dessen Grundstück die Starzlach entspringt. Gelegen am Maximiliansweg, am Königssträßle oder am E4 ist es der ideale Ausgangspunkt für Bergtouren. Aber nicht nur als Zwischenstopp, sondern auch als Ziel hat das Haus viel zu bieten: um zu entspannen und die schweren Gedanken des Alltags loszulassen. Urig ist sie, die Hütte, die Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts als Königliches Forsthaus erbaut wurde.

Carina Jungchen-Wenzlick, vivo!unterwegs, April 2021
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Double roomfrom70 €
entire housefrom305 €

Location + Directions

By car

From Kempten it takes just under 40 minutes to the hut (35 km), from Munich it takes a good 2 hours (158 km), from Zurich it takes just under 3 hours (187 km) and from Stuttgart just under 2.5 hours (209 km). In summer, the car access leads via the specially created toll road to the hut parking lot, on arrival and departure to the hut (1000 m). In winter there is a luggage transfer and snowshoe service from a free car park in Adelharz. The exact address and directions can be found on the website.

With public transport

From Burgberg in the Allgäu you can take the Erzgrubenbähnle to Erzgruben. From there you walk about 40 minutes on a flat path to the Dreiangelhütte.