Procida Camp & Resort

Procida, Naples, Italy

The unique thing about Procida Camp & Resort is the special charm that defines this place. And of course the colorful combination of different accommodations, as well as the beautiful lemon and pepper trees that are spread over the entire resort. Just like many other colorful flowers and plants.

There are different types of accommodation at the Camp & Resort: Safari tents that have elegantly designed interiors. The Airstreams are exclusive luxury camping trailers and it seems like they've always been there, with their shiny shells and silver rivets that glisten in the Mediterranean sun. The interiors are cozy and comfortable and the design so iconic and modern that guests can experience the true essence of a glamping vacation. The Garden Suite welcomes guests into a cozy, tasteful atmosphere. The luxury bungalow is the ideal place to enjoy the island's pleasant microclimate. It was designed to make guests feel at home on the beautiful island of Procida, surrounded by pastel colors and unspoiled nature.

In 2019 "the famous blue door" was opened to guests for the first time. The resort emerged from an existing traditional southern Italian campsite and was modernized inside by the hosts. The resort is run by local staff. Procida Camp & Resort is about offering a special type of outdoor accommodation in a modern design that stands out from others in the region. The aim of the hosts: inside it is to bring a gentle, sustainable tourism to this still very pristine island.

Rooms + Rates

per night
Double roomfrom155 €
Yurtfrom175 €
Apartmentfrom188 €


ArchitectureThe main difference between the architecture and most of the other buildings in the area is that most of the accommodations, such as the glamping tents and caravans, are not set up permanently, but only temporarily, and thus have no permanent in fl uence on nature. Whenever possible, it was restored instead of demolished or rebuilt. All of the materials used in the renovations were purchased locally. For the most part, local craft firms were involved in the construction work. The hosts are particularly proud of the uniquely designed interiors of the accommodations. They always tried to tell the story of the island through its colors and fabrics. The designs of the four types of accommodation also differ in the style of the furnishings.

FoodThe Procida Camp & Resort offers guests a small, light lunch menu. This includes seasonal dishes that are bought locally. Many dishes are vegetarian and can also be offered vegan. In the evenings, pizze are served with fresh and local ingredients.

Only local employees work at the resort. Anyone who works directly at the resort is either from the island itself or from Naples. Accommodation is made available to employees during the season. The hosts try hard to constantly improve the quality and standards during their work.

EnvironmentThe hosts are aware that as a young company located on a southern Italian island, they are only at the beginning when it comes to sustainability and international standards. However, they are working hard to ensure that their resort becomes more and more environmentally friendly and thus sets a good example in the region. You therefore advise your guests to use the air conditioning system and change towels in a way that conserves resources. They also do without plastic and offer guests e-bikes instead of scooters.

Well-BeingThe resort offers its own pool area with comfortable sun loungers and large parasols that ensure maximum relaxation at all times. Yoga courses are available on request - there is a cooperation with a local yoga teacher. Guests can rent e-bikes, as well as kayaks, SUPs and boats without a skipper.


  • Glamping resort with lots of charm in the heart of the island of Procida
  • Beautiful, colorful garden with an antique stone wall and lemon trees
  • Combine camping feeling with the comfort of a luxurious hotel
  • Lived Dolce Vita: Find peace and inspiration
  • Experience an authentic holiday on a small fishing island spared from mass tourism
  • Discover the history of this small island with its impressive architecture

Glamping Resort18 airstreams, safari lodges and apartmentsBreakfast + own cooking facilitiesChildren welcomeWi-Fino disabled accessPoolno pets


  • Different types of accommodation: Safari tents, Airstream caravans, bungalows
  • All accommodations with their own cooking facilities and private bathroom
  • Breakfast with Italian coffee, fresh pastries and fruit
  • Pool with a waterfall and jacuzzi
  • 5 minutes to the nearest beach
  • E-bike rental
  • Boat rental (without skipper)
  • Yoga courses on request
  • Transfer from the port and back


Das ist Italien, wie wir es uns erträumen: Vespas knattern durch die Gässchen, Fischerboote liegen vor bunt geschachtelten Häusern, und man möchte wetten, dass gleich Sophia Loren mit einem Topf Pasta um die Ecke kommt. Das ist die Insel Procida im Golf von Neapel... Wer mit den Einheimischen ins Gespräch kommen will, sollte ein paar Vokabeln Italienisch draufhaben, denn auch die Fremdsprachenkenntnisse sind hier auf dem Stand der 50er Jahre.

Tania Kibermanis,, July 2021
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Rooms + Rates

per night
Double roomfrom155 €
Yurtfrom175 €
Apartmentfrom188 €

Location + Directions

With public transport

Ferries and express boats (traghetti) run to Procida from Naples and Ischia. The speedboat ride only takes about 35 minutes. You will be picked up from the port by the Procida Camp & Resort. The exact address can be found on the website.