Innervillgraten, East Tyrol, Austria

Heidi, do you know? Wide, steep alpine meadows, high peaks all around, black wood from old age and fresh milk straight from the stable? There is everything here. Not quite as lonely, not quite as far away from any civilization and not quite as small. And also equipped with all the usual modern comforts such as WiFi and a coffee machine and a few extras such as a sauna and parking space in front of the house, but just as fantastically idyllic and original as in all of our childish desires.

In winter you can go to a new peak and a new ski tour directly from the house every day - the main thing is to be back down at 1 p.m., because then the avalanche risk becomes too great. In summer, some guests may not want to move far away, but simply enjoy the mountain sun in the deckchairs or finally sit in the middle of a meadow and weave flower wreaths. Even if there were enough nearby excursion destinations and enough peaks to hike.

The ancestors of the Schaller family have been living up here on the Oberschallerhof for over a hundred years, and as in earlier times, all generations still help here today with the work they need. The guests are also welcome to join in, they are welcome in the cowshed, can ride on the tractor and swing the pitchforks themselves if they like.

The Giatlahaus, which has been completed since the end of 2015, is in the immediate vicinity of the Oberschallerhof. From the outside, it still looks almost the same as it has for over 300 years with its crooked doors and windows. Inside, old and new walls and old and new wood have been combined in a unique way. And in some cases completely new straight rooms were built into the old premises. In this way, four apartments with every comfort were created, which can be reached in their original condition via the ancient staircase. In the expanded barn of the house there is a communal sauna and infrared cabin with shower area, toilet and fresh air room including a panoramic view. There, under the roof, you can even sleep in the fresh air in a bed filled with mountain hay full of edelweiss, as with Heidi.

The Alfenalm is a bit away from the family farm and can accommodate up to 8 people in four rooms and a loft. It's a good thing that for so many people, in addition to the modern toilet, there is also an authentic outhouse.

Rooms + Rates

per night
Apartmentfrom126 €
Cottagefrom150 €


ArchitectureDuring the careful and sustainable renovation of the beautiful Giatla house, which is over 300 years old, the largest possible areas of the farmhouse were left in their original condition in order to preserve the character of the house. Sometimes new rooms were simply built into the old house. The result is a wonderful mixture of ancient beams in addition to fresh untreated pine, pine and larch wood and some modern elements made of glass or other materials. It was built with purely biological materials, without chemical substances. Even the insulation is made of sheep's wool. The farmhouse is now practically a low-energy house made of pure nature. With this consistently carried out type of renovation, it is quite unique in Central Europe.

FoodGuests can take care of themselves on the Alfenalm and in the Giatlahaus. The kitchens are perfectly furnished and equipped. So it is advisable to make a bulk purchase and bring it with you, then you can have a really comfortable snow-in here. In such a case, breakfast is definitely guaranteed. Because every morning, the farmer comes early and brings fresh bread and, if desired, homemade jam, organic milk and butter from his own cows.

Classic family business. Even the maid is a cousin.

EnvironmentThe operators of the Alfenalm rely on the sustainable management of their land. They are not for a new ski lift and intensive tourism, but for a simple and decelerated participation of visitors in their traditional lifestyle. They run a farm themselves, since 1995 in organic quality. As a contribution to environmental protection, the guests of the holiday homes must separate their garbage consistently and can practically do without their car throughout their stay.


  • Quaint alpine hut and holiday apartments in a more than 300 year old farmhouse
  • Located in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains
  • Breathtaking view of the surrounding Villgrater mountains
  • Ski tours directly from the alp
  • Experience pure deceleration
  • Fresh organic milk from our own cows
  • Stone pine beds, Villgrater sheep wool mattresses and natural bed covers made from the purest sheep wool
  • Ideal for active vacationers and nature lovers

Alpine hut + apartments5 unitsKitchenChildren welcomeWi-Fino disabled accessno Poolno pets


  • Power connection, heated in winter, cold and warm water flowing all year round
  • Insulation, mattresses, pillows & overbeds, seat covers made from 100% pure sheep's wool from Villgrater Natur
  • High quality furniture made of solid wood for a natural atmosphere
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Flat satellite TV / radio / internet wifi
  • Wireless coverage
  • Bathroom with toilet / shower
  • Outhouse (alpine hut)
  • Infrared cabin (Physiotherm)
  • Shoe dryer, ski room, bike room
  • Wellness area with sauna in the former barn (Giatlahaus)
  • Foosball table
  • Non smoking
  • Pets allowed (only in the alpine hut)
  • Parking at the house
  • Garden / terrace / balcony
  • Toboggan and snowshoe rental free of charge

Fotos: Lukas Schaller

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Rooms + Rates

per night
Apartmentfrom126 €
Cottagefrom150 €

Location + Directions

By car

The Alfenalm is 260 km from Munich and about 165 km from Innsbruck. You will receive the exact route description when booking.